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Taste the Quality – Water Treatment Equipment in Alexandria

Consumers are becoming increasingly vigilant about water quality and its impact on human health and the environment. Due to increased levels of pollution that affect our surface and ground water, ensuring the water we use every day is free of chemical and biological contaminants is paramount.

In response to the need for water treatment equipment in the Alexandria and Ottawa areas, Comfort Water Treatment will design an individualized system for your home, business or farm. The manufacturers of the equipment we provide guarantee the improved taste, smell, and appearance of your water by removing undesirable chemicals and minerals. We also carry equipment that will purify contaminated water.

Water Treatment Filters

Comfort Water Treatment carries a wide variety of filters for reducing natural and chemical contaminants, including:

  • Iron removal filters
  • Chlorine and peroxide filters
  • Water treatment filters
  • Carbon filters

Prevent Water Heater Corrosion

Prevent corrosion in your hot water tank that not only affects your water quality but also shortens tank’s working life. Ask us about the Corro-Protec titanium anode system that fits right into any gas, electric or oil water heater – new and already installed. The anode also reduces scaling to increase energy efficiency.

Municipal and Well Water Treatment

Comfort Water Treatment is the only distributor for the Tahoe Valve electronic water softener control in the Alexandria area. It automatically calculates and initiates regeneration cycles that recover salt and water with each generation.

The Tahoe BRS electronic water softener uses an effective brine recovery system that saves you water, and the system reduces salt usage from nearly 14% to over 20% depending on the capacity size tank you choose.

Are you concerned about the quality of your well water? Ask us about the Fusion2 water treatment unit. It connects directly to your well to purify the water before it reaches your home, business or farm.

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